Detroit has just announced that it has additional grant funding for environmental assessments in the City.   But we need to act quickly, because they need your application submitted by next Wednesday (October 5th).   Once approved, we have until June 2017 to complete the assessment for you at no cost.   If you are even thinking of a new project in the City that might start over the next eight months, ASTI Environmental will complete your application for review.
All we need are: 

1) Your contact information and a brief (2 paragraph) description of your company
2) The site address(es) 
3) Brief (3 paragraph) project description
4) Proposed project timeline, investment and estimated job creation 

If you have already applied, ASTI Environmental can help you get the most out of your grant funding by using common sense approaches to assessment and due care, and by assuring that you will comply with the proposed changes to the regulations.  We have completed over 1,500 real estate assessments in the City and have an office downtown for your convenience.  

Send us the information today so that the City can consider your project for funding.  For more information please contact me by any method listed below. 


-Tom Wackerman
President, ASTI Environmental
Director-Redevelopment Incentives, 
   ASTI Restoration
Chair, UM/ULI Real Estate Forum 

Detroit, Brighton and
Grand Rapids,  MI
 Ph: 810.225.2800
 Fax: 810.225.3800
 Cell: 810.599.5463 

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