Tom Wackerman, President and Founder of ASTI Environmental will present two courses to the Commercial Board of Realtors continuing education programs on September 18th and October 9th.   

The first course will provide insight into how environmental assessments, specifically Phase I ESAs, can be used as a Risk Management Tool.   Environmental due diligence has changed over the past several years.   Not only are there different regulatory requirements, but options for assessment and documentation are available to fit various end uses.   In addition, buyers have become more knowledgeable and are approaching environmental due diligence as a business risk management decision.   This session will explore changes to the regulations, but more importantly will discuss changes to buyer’s expectations and options for appropriate levels of effort.   

The second course will focus on the mechanics of obtaining and monetizing redevelopment incentives.   Incentives are generally still available for development on challenging sites (referred to as Brownfields but more realistically including all urban properties), but not all incentives are what they appear, and not all communities are eager to support incentives.   More importantly, when determining which incentives are appropriate the devil is clearly in the details.   This session will discuss the available incentives and the eligibility requirements for each, and will use a case study to identify the real value of the key incentives to a developer.