HUD is now requiring radon testing for all properties located within Zone 1 (high risk) and Zone 2 (medium risk) effective for all Environmental Reports submitted to HUD after 6/4/13 (regardless of the date of the report). As you can see from the Michigan Radon Zone Map below, much of Michigan is in Zones 1 and 2.

The new Federal Radon Action Plan is applicable for new submittals after the above date. This is not just a plan to test for radon, but includes requirements for mitigation and design during renovations, refinancing, and new construction. The extent of that plan will depend on building construction, presumptive remedies, and the location of the project. Projects in Zone 1 have needed to consider radon issues for some time, but now projects in Zone 2 must conduct an evaluation. In fact, new construction in Zone 3 will also have new requirements.

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