A word about "PFAS"

If you live in Michigan, you may have recently been hearing the term PFAS, but it has been an environmental issue for almost 20 years, and is actively being investigated in numerous sites around the country. It is pervasive in products from fire-fighting foam to fast food wrappers to carpet and pizza boxes, and is estimated to have already impacted the majority of Americans either through using products or from the environment.

This group of compounds known as Polyflouroalkyl Substances (PFAS), includes over 2,000 individual compounds, of which only a few have been studied, and for which there is conflicting data. Expect more studies on the impacts to human health and environment from these compounds, but on a more practical and immediate basis, expect Federal and State regulations to address environmental impacts (Current EPA Advisory level is 70 ppt), and to include these compounds in environmental due diligence for high-risk properties. For additional information on the impacts and remediation options for PFAS, please speak with ASTI's Rick Welsh at 810-599-6296 or rwelsh@asti-env.com