Submittal of emissions information is required by State Law (Article II: Pollution Control, Chapter 1, Point Source Pollution Control, Part 55 of PA 451 of 1994, of the Natural Resource and Environmental Protection Act.  The DEQ maintains Michigan Air Emissions Reporting Systems (MAERS) reports for facilities installing or operating equipment that may discharge pollutants to the atmosphere to have an air permit.  MAERS tracks air pollution trends, determines the effectiveness of current air pollution controls, serves as a basis for future year projections of air quality, provides information for permit review and calculates the emissions portion of the air quality fee.  By March 15, 2017, most facilities will need to submit emissions information to the DEQ for calendar year 2016.  

As Michigan Air Pollution Control rules were amended December 2016, please contact ASTIs Director of Industrial Compliance, Bruce Bawkon, at 616/485-3832 or on the applicability of these changes for your facility.