ASTI Environmental (ASTI) provides wetland mitigation services for its commercial, industrial, governmental, and developer clients.  Since 1985, ASTI’s certified professional wetland scientists have worked on wetland mitigation projects ranging from 0.5 to 60 acres, from design to construction oversight to post-construction monitoring.   Additionally, ASTI has been recognized by the DEQ and MDOT for their successful, innovative wetland mitigation efforts.  By teaming with ASTI, you will receive expert assistance with moving your project forward.


When impacts to wetlands are unavoidable and the DEQ issues a permit for impact, wetland mitigation is often a requirement of the permit.  There are several options available for mitigating wetland impacts:

  • Wetland Creation: This entails building wetland in an upland area either on the same site as the pro- posed impacts or off-site. Following construction, the mitigation wetland must be monitored for suc- cess and managed for invasive plant species for a minimum of five years post construction.
  • Wetland Preservation: In certain circumstances, the DEQ will allow the preservation of existing wetland to be used as mitigation.  The wetland to be preserved must be high quality and under threat of development or degradation.  For each 10 acres of wetland preserved, you receive 1 acre of mitigation credit.  The preserved wetland must be placed in a permanent conservation easement and have a per- manent land management steward identified.
  • Wetland Banking:  In some cases, you can purchase wetland mitigation credits from an established, DEQ-approved wetland mitigation bank to meet your mitigation needs.  Approved banks can sell cred- its to anyone within a pre-approved market area (usually within the same watershed or ecoregion as the location of wetland impact).  Credits are sold on a 1:1 basis, meaning you purchase 1 acre of credit for each acre of wetland mitigation needed.


ASTI’s professional wetland scientists will help you determine which wetland mitigation options are available for your project and assist you determine which option is in your best interest.  ASTI has successfully completed projects in the past which have had special circumstances.  In other words, our experts have experienced most challenges and can help you solve yours through the following services:

  • Wetland permit negotiation with local, state and federal agencies
  • Wetland mitigation design, cost estimating, construction oversight, and monitoring
  • Wetland preservation property identification, baseline assessment, and management planning
  • Wetland mitigation banking sales negotiation

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For more information about Wetland Mitigation programs, contact Ms. Dianne Martin, PWS at ASTI Environmental at 800.395.2784 or visit our homepage at www.asti-env.com