As part of the environmental permit review process for certain site development activities, the Michigan DEQ provides opportunities for state and federal agencies to comment in regard to protected plant and animal species.  These entities examine their respective databases for known occurrences of threatened and endangered species within a project’s vicinity.  If a database contains records of any state- and federally-listed species, a threatened and endangered species survey may be requested.  ASTI Environmental (ASTI) holds a state endangered species collection permit for all plants and animals.  ASTI can help you navigate through the process of determining whether protected species may exist on your site and, if so, how to keep your project moving forward.



When you want to ensure that your project does not come up against a potential road block as you go to construction, you may want to enlist ASTI to help.  There are several ways for ASTI to obtain endangered species clearance for your projects:

  • Endangered Species Pre-Screening:  ASTI will review the DNR mapping database to determine if protected species have been located in the general vicinity of your project.  If so, you will need to go to the next step of conducting a database review (see below).  If nothing is found on the map, it is unlikely that protected species will be an issue for your project.
  • Database Reviews:   ASTI will send in an information request to the Michigan Natural Features Inventory, who is charged with maintaining the State’s database on protected species and rare habitats, to obtain species specific information for your specific project.  The resulting report will indicate what species are known to occur in the area and whether your proposed project may impact them.  This will determine whether you need to have an on-site survey for habitat or species conducted for your project.
  • On-site Habitat or Species Surveys:   If the database review indicates that there are known protected species or rare habitat in your project area, you will likely need a biologist to conduct an on-site assessment.  ASTI will conduct a field investigation to first see if the required habitat is present within the project area, and if so, if the species in question is found there.  


By involving us early on in your project, ASTI’s biologists will help you avoid last minute project delays and obtain project clearance.  To assist with moving your project forward, ASTI offers the following services:

  • Endangered species clearance
  • Rare habitat and protected species surveys
  • Habitat mapping
  • Protected species relocation and monitorin

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For more information about endangered species, contact Ms. Dianne Martin, PWS at ASTI Environmental at 800.395.2784 or visit our homepage at