As a Great Lakes State, Michigan relies on thousands of inland lakes and streams and our groundwater reserves for a variety of recreational activities and for clean, safe drinking water. Michigan’s economic prosperity is dependent on how well we protect these resources and that, in turn, is often dependent upon how we store and treat storm water runoff.    Managing runoff is also vital to reducing flooding and protecting lives and property.  Increasingly, aging infrastructure, the cost of installing new infrastructure, and site design constraints require new thinking and improved ways to control and reduce runoff at its source and to use plants and natural system to remove pollutants from storm water before it leaves the property.


Whether designing a new subdivision, renovating older storm water treatment systems, or revitalizing streetscapes, ASTI’s storm water specialist can help you :

  • Minimize total runoff volume,
  • Control peak rate of runoff,
  • Maximize infiltration and groundwater recharge
  • Prevent flooding
  • Protect water quality, and
  • Navigate the permitting process

    Related ASTI services include:

  • Floodplain/Floodway Analysis
  • Wetland and Lake and Stream permitting
  • Aquatic Surveys
  • Natural Shoreline Stabilization
  • Water Quality Modeling
  • Design of Storm Water Detention and Treatment Systems


ASTI has assisted industrial and municipal clients with design, permitting, and implementation of a variety of  successful vegetative and structural storm water controls.  Examples include identifying city-wide storm water retrofit opportunities for the City of Jackson; designing grading and planting plans for bioswale treatment systems for the Northwestern Highway Connector, backyard rain gardens, and commercial treatment wetlands; and modeling storm water pollutant removals to optimize best management practice selection.  ASTI staff have designed storm water detention basins with innovative constant flow discharge structures to minimize the basin area and maximize site development.  ASTI also has staff specifically trained and certified to  provide bioengineering solutions for shoreline restoration and have successfully  stabilized eroding stream banks and lakeshores for the Charter Township of Oakland, the City of Novi, Jackson County Parks, and other private and municipal landowners. ASTI’s certified storm water operators can also assist with documenting compliance during project  construction and reporting requirements for industrial or municipal  storm water permits.

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