Soil and groundwater remediation can be expensive and tie up real estate for extended periods of  time.  Owners, new purchasers or responsible parties need timely and cost-effective remedial solutions to address contaminated property.  Whether simple soil removal activities or more complex remediation activities involving soil vapors, soil and/or groundwater contamination, ASTI’s team of environmental professionals (professional geologists, engineers and/or chemists) are equipped to walk you through the complex maze of potential remedial options and assist you with any state permitting issues, work plan approvals and/or closure plans.


ASTI’s remediation professionals can provide expert assistance and guidance in evaluating remedial options including feasibility analysis, timing and costs to remediate soil vapor, free product, soil and/or groundwater contamination including:

Removal Operations

  • Waste Characterization, Source Evaluation and Removal 
  • Contaminated Soil Screening and Removal Coordination
  • Drum Characterization and Disposal

    On-site Remediation

  • Soil Stabilization and Encapsulation
  • Soil Vapor Extraction/Air Sparging
  • Product  Recovery and Source Removal
  • Natural Attenuation Strategies and Monitoring Programs
  • In-situ Injection - Bioremediation 
  • Duel Phase Extraction Systems
  • Pump and Treat Systems (activated carbon, bioremediation)  
  • Sub-Slab Soil Gas Mitigation Systems

In addition to evaluating remedial alternatives and implementing cost-effective and timely cleanup strategies, ASTI’s team of environmental professionals can assist owners, purchasers or responsible parties in the development of clean-up budgets, post-closure financial reserve options, regulatory negotiations and other related services.   


The geologists, engineers and technicians of ASTI have designed, installed and operated a wide range of remediation technologies.  Operating and maintaining systems that must remain viable over periods typically measured in years is critical for timely, cost-effective soil and groundwater remediation. Our geologists, engineers and technicians operate and maintain remediation systems to maximize run times, evaluate their performance over time, conduct required environmental and discharge monitoring, and adjust system operations and/or technologies to continue steady progress toward site closure. 

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