ASTI Environmental (ASTI) provides permitting services, operating plans, inspections, training and compliance assistance for our industrial, commercial and institutional clients.  ASTI’s staff have worked with clients with a single site to national companies with sites in multiple states.  Initially ASTI works with our clients to determine their understanding of the regulatory requirements for their facility, then develops a scope and schedule to meet their objectives.  Through this process, ASTI acquires the site specific knowledge of the facility and its operations to effectively implement compliance services.  ASTI’s staff includes professional engineers, Certified Storm Water Operators and Certified Underground Storage Tank operators (Class A/B/C).  Their experience extends from preparing the permit application, negotiating permit conditions, implementation of permit conditions, performing inspections, documenting compliance and updating compliance procedures when regulations and legislation change.


ASTI provides permitting, monitoring and reporting services to comply with the following regulatory programs:

  • Industrial Pretreatment Permitting for Waste Water
  • Storage of Oil (USEPA Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Program)
  • Storage of Potentially Polluting Materials
  • Storm Water Management System Design (USEPA NPDES Permitting Program)
  • Underground Storage Tank Operations
  • OSHA Regulated Materials Storage and Personnel Protection
  • Air Discharge Permitting
  • Air Emissions Reporting and Record Keeping
  • SARA Title III Tier II Reporting
  • MS4 permitting, management plans and implementation


ASTI knows the critical path for cost effective regulatory compliance is a major concern of our clients.  
ASTI can assist you with your compliance program to assure that:

  • Current regulations are incorporated into your compliance program
  • Compliance and costs are optimized
  • Projects are managed from planning, implementation, design and through construction

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For more information about Permits and Operations programs, contact Mr. Bruce Bawkon, P.E. at ASTI Environmental, 800.395.2784, or visit our homepage at