The Fremont Public Schools project included construction of a new high school on a 136+/-acre property located just outside of the City of Fremont.  The property selected for the new high school posed significant construction challenges due to dramatic topography and extensive wetlands, including a 30-acre lake.  However, these same challenges also provided significant aesthetic and educational values.

ASTI was initially retained to identify and map wetlands.  When it became clear that wetland impacts could not be avoided, ASTI also provided permitting and wetland mitigation design services.  The permit application was complicated due to significant grading and drainage requirements necessary for development.  In addition, construction began on-site without the benefit of the permit.  Minor wetland impacts occurred resulting in a portion of the project being reviewed as after-the-fact (ATF).  ASTI aided in negotiations to determine and estimate the activities falling under the ATF process.  In addition, as part of the permit application, ASTI addressed threatened and endangered species (T&E) concerns and developed a mitigation plan for 3 acres of created wetland.  T&E regulatory clearance was provided by the State and a wetland permit was issued.  Wetland mitigation construction was completed in November 2012, and ASTI is now monitoring the successful establishment of wetland.