ASTI was the construction manager and environmental consultant for the removal of 41 underground storage tanks located at a chemical transfer facility.  At the time of the removal, information about tank locations and site operations was unavailable, and the area was mixed industrial/residential with homes located within thirty feet of the excavation area.  

This required that the project include extensive air emissions controls, air quality monitoring, site security, and, most importantly, community outreach programs.  The project included the management of ten subcontractors and forty staff to complete the remediation tasks.  This project finished ahead of schedule and below budget.

ASTI initiated a comprehensive the community outreach program that included individual and group meetings, on-site briefings, use of local merchants, the use of 800 phone services and web information, and a highly visible onsite team member.  Ultimately, the tanks, piping, and the pump house were successfully removed, and the site was returned to grade and landscaped.