Following successful partnerships to restore wetland and lake shorelines in Vandercook and Lime Lake County Parks, the Jackson County Parks Department contracted ASTI Environmental to develop a Master Plan for Clark Lake County Park.  Key among issues in the park was shoreline erosion from ice and wave action in excess of 1-foot per year, leaving the Park only 13 feet in width at its narrowest point. Other Park improvements include reestablishing a sand beach, renovating dilapidated restrooms and playground equipment, reducing conflicts between park users and geese, and improving fishing access.

ASTI researched the park's and lake's histories, and worked with the Parks personnel to identify priorities, maintenance issues, and project phasing, presenting a concept plan for Clark Lake County Park in July 2013.  Based on that plan, Columbia Township, where the park is located, has pledged to share the cost of construction with the Jackson County Parks Department.

To further reduce costs, and to augment the project with additional features that will further reduce ice damage to the shoreline and create additional fish habitat, ASTI worked with Jackson County Parks, the Potawatomi Resource Conservation & Development Council, Columbia Township, and the Jackson County Conservation District to develop and submit a grant application with the Midwest Glacial Lakes Fish Habitat Partnership

While that grant application is reviewed, ASTI is working with Parks and the Township to begin design and permitting for Phase 1 of the Master Plan; installing coir (coconut fiber) logs, field stone, and native plantings to halt shoreline erosion and to install a sand beach and play area in the Park

Erosion before the project

Proposed shoreline plantings