Webster Township is a rural township containing farms, country residences, and significant historical structures such as Webster Church (above).

Webster Township’s noise ordinance specified that noise levels from a property or use must not exceed certain levels, as measured at the roadside property line.  The ordinance was difficult to apply; the zoning compliance officer requested that existing community noise (“background noise”) levels be determined.  The township retained ASTI to evaluate and report on existing community noise levels.

ASTI selected 8 locations in the township that had varying traffic volumes on adjacent roads, and measured ambient noise over 24-hr periods.  The noise levels time series were summarized using noise statistics developed by using proprietary Bruel & Kjaer instruments and software.  All noise measurements were made in accordance with ASTM procedures for ambient noise measurement.

ASTI summarized its findings in a report, supplied CDs of the raw data and statistical analyses, and appeared before the township board to explain its findings