Tall Oaks Kennels was a legal use operating in accordance with a special use permit issued by Webster Township.  Under the permit, the kennel operation was expanded into a new building.

A year later, a neighbor complained about kennel noise.  The neighbor had recently acquired his property—after the kennel expansion.

The township required Tall Oaks Kennel to demonstrate that noise from the operation did not rise to nuisance levels.  The owner retained ASTI to conduct the sound level measurements and compare results to the ordinance.

ASTI used B&K Investigator software and a model 2260 SPL to obtain 24-hr measurements at the property lines as specified in the township ordinance.  ASTI also evaluated the impulse noise field produced by barking dogs.  

ASTI determined that the kennel met the township noise standard during normal operations.  ASTI also determined that episodes of barking may produce noise levels in excess of the township standard, but that the township ordinance was unclear with respect to impulse noise and its control.

ASTI appeared before the township on behalf of the owner.  The township board determined that the noise did not rise to a nuisance level.  ASTI recommended acoustical paneling for portions of the walls and ceiling of the new kennel to the owner