ASTI Environmental conducted an Environmental Concerns Inventory (ECI) of 193 light industrial parcels located along the east side of the rail road in the City of Ferndale.  The objective of the ECI was to identify specific environmental impacts that may affect redevelopment and to provide a basis for beginning the discussion on area-wide redevelopment.  The inventory included a review of publically available databases, site inspection for all properties (from the right-of-way or on the City owned property), and a review of agency files.

ASTI utilized this information to prepare a ranking of redevelopment potential based only on environmental impediments (both known and perceived).  An interactive map was provided that allows the user to see an overview of the entire project area while identifying the environmental concern(s) on each parcel.  The user can select from multiple layers featured on the map for additional analysis of existing site conditions and actual or assumed impediments to redevelopment.

The ECI supported the City's commitment to redevelopment in their industrial core by providing information on potential future uses that would require minimum environmental remediation or control. A site specific evaluation to support property purchase or redevelopment is the next step in this long term process.

This project was partially funded by the Oakland County EPA Site Assessment Grant.