Lapeer School District initially retained ASTI to conduct a Phase I ESA of a 36.78-acre vacant parcel for a school expansion project.  Environmental conditions were identified in regard to historical property use, and a subsurface investigation was conducted.

ASTI identified a portion of the property as a facility and completed a BEA that was affirmed by the MDEQ.  ASTI subsequently completed a Due Care Plan that was also affirmed by the MDEQ.  

The facility parcel was to be developed as playfields for the school expansion, and soil remediation was necessary to meet the due care obligations of Lapeer School District.  ASTI was retained to provide remediation oversight.  Impacted soils were removed and replaced with clean sand fill with an isolation barrier to prevent soil direct contact during playfield construction and subsequent use.

A soil remediation report was completed and filed with the MDEQ as post-BEA information.  ASTI’s investigations resulted in reuse of an impacted parcel as school playfields protective of human health and the environment