Riverbend Park in the City of Rochester Hills is next to the Christiansen – Adams Dump along Hamlin Road.  This is the dump that caught fire in the 1980s!

The dump was fenced to minimize trespassing, but City representatives were concerned about direct contact hazards on City property and about the potential for contaminated groundwater to reach the Clinton River.

The City retained ASTI Environmental (ASTI) to determine whether organic contaminants, including PCBs, were migrating from the dump to the city park.  To make this determination, ASTI designed an investigation of the park property along the shared property line with the dump.

ASTI developed full test pits—as seen above—to document the soil horizons and to identify non-soil materials which may be contaminants or generate contaminants.  A series of such pits provided a larger-scale view of the lithology and were less expensive than soil borings.  

ASTI concluded that contaminants were not migrating from the dump. ASTI also concluded that there were no direct contact hazards on the Riverbend Park property.