ASTI was contracted by the City of Adrian to implement the EPA Site Assessment Grant for the City.  Part of this program included the investigation and restoration of a RCRA hazardous waste facility in the City.  Because of its history, this facility will be closed simultaneously using the RCRA Corrective Action Program, CERCLA requirements, and the State of Michigan Part 201 requirements.  This project therefore required the review of all project activities under two independent contracts: one with the EPA and one with the Michigan DEQ, preparation of a Work Plan for approval by multiple agencies (EPA Site Assessment, EPA RCRA, DEQ Remediation, and DEQ RCRA), extensive off-site groundwater investigation, and on-site soils investigation, negotiation of closure standards, determination of extent of investigation required to meet multiple regulations, identification of liability protection options, and remediation and closure to support both the Michigan Part 201 program and the federal RCRA program.  

Final site development will be designed based on identified property impacts to minimize remediation and return the site to productive use in the shortest time possible.  The project was conducted according to an EPA approved QAPP prepared by ASTI, and was funded by both an EPA Site Assessment Grant and an MDEQ grant for RCRA Closure.  Most importantly, ASTI was able to coordinate three agencies (MDEQ, EPA RCRA, EPA Superfund) in order to obtain additional resources for investigation and remediation services from both the EPA RCRA program and the EPA Superfund program for this property