Suburban Softball was a low-intensity re-use of a closed landfill.  Part of the landfill rested on sand and contaminants were migrating through the sand via groundwater to the Clinton River.  Rochester Hills desired to facilitate a mixed-use redevelopment of the property as proposed by REI.  

REI proposed to remove waste, re-dispose it at a licensed landfill, and import clay to seal the portion venting contaminants.  REI proposed a mix of brownfield tax credits, cleanup grants, Rochester Hills’ TIF and the City’s full faith and credit on a revolving loan from DEQ.  

ASTI prepared Phase I, Phase II and BEAs on behalf of the City through a cooperative arrangement with REI.  The City passed ASTI findings to REI for its site planning process.

ASTI reviewed REI’s Act 381 Work Plan on behalf of the City in ASTI’s capacity as environmental consultant to the City since 2004.  ASTI assisted the City in discussions with DEQ regarding eligible activities and funding amounts.  

ASTI reviewed the proposed re-development site plan for the City for conformance to the City’s Wetland Protection Ordinance and the Natural Features Setback Ordinance.  ASTI provided review findings in letters to City staff for use with City Council discussions.