ASTI Environmental (ASTI) provides mold/indoor environmental quality (IEQ) investigations and clean-up solutions for its commercial, governmental, and private clients.  ASTI has been servicing the Great Lakes Region since 1985 and has the expertise to assist you with your mold/IEQ challenges.  Our solutions help building owners to reduce their liability and to preserve their property value and the wellbeing of their building’s occupants.



Mold/IEQ is a growing problem, especially for developers, property management companies, school districts and homeowners.  The primary concern regarding molds is their ability to produce substances which are either harmful to the surface upon which they grow, or cause harm to other living organisms.  Molds and other substances can damage the structure of a building, which incidentally can lower the property value.  They also can cause a number of adverse health effects in humans, depending upon the exposure, the duration of contact, and the amount of toxin to which the individual is exposed.  These adverse health effects typically include allergic responses, mucous membrane irritation and/or infection.  

ASTI’s Mold/IEQ Investigation services include the following:

  • Property and Building Inspections
  • Mold Surveys
  • Indoor Air Quality Surveys
  • Industrial Hygiene Surveys
  • Report Review
  • Guidance and/or Management of Remedial Action
  • Follow-up Surveys


The experts at ASTI have designed a mold investigation program to assess the growth of mold in industrial, 
commercial, and residential buildings.  For mold problems, ASTI will investigate for the presence of mold, identify the types of mold, help to assess the health risks and recommend cleanup options.  The scope of clean-up
operations can range from a sponge and water to professional remediation.  For indoor environmental quality, ASTI will investigate potential sources of contamination and provide recommendations for corrective action.  

ASTI’s Mold/IEQ Investigation Program offers the following opportunities for your developments.

  • Property Value Preservation
  • Occupant Wellbeing, Health and Safety
  • Responsible Corrective Action

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