The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has adopted a number of stringent regulations to guide its efforts on ecological protection. Early identification of development constraints will help you to avoid fines, violations, or costly revisions. Once environmental elements are identified, early planning and on-going design collaboration can eliminate unwanted surprises or challenges to development. Integrating ecological elements, such as wetlands, woodlands, and rain gardens can also enhance the value of your property.


ASTI Environmental (ASTI) offers a full array of ecological services that are unmatched by other consultants. The following services have been tailored to develop a specialized solution for each situation our clients face:

  • Environmental Assessments and Environmental Impact Statements
  • Natural Features Inventories and Mapping
  • Wetland Assessment, Mitigation, and Permitting
  • Social, Economic, Environmental Studies
  • CE’s and EA’s for NEPA Clearance
  • Threatened & Endangered Species Surveys
  • Resource Restoration
  • Floodplain/Floodway Analysis
  • Ecological Element Integration (i.e. Wetlands, Woodlands, and Treatment Wetlands)
  • Lakes & Streams Permits
  • Aquatic Surveys
  • Natural Shoreline Stabilization
  • Water Quality Modeling


ASTI has successfully completed well over 7,000 projects, including those that have resulted in a savings of up to $1MM, for our private, public and governmental clients. We can provide cost efficient consulting for a variety of environmental needs and deliver comprehensive solutions to complex problems for industry, people, and government. For 18 years, ASTI has provided excellent assistance with:

  • Time Sensitive Project Execution
  • Cost Effective Project Management
  • Successful Agency Negotiations
  • Specialized Environmental and Ecological Services

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For more information about Ecological Services, contact Ms. Dianne Martin, PWS at ASTI Environmental at 800.395.2784 or visit our homepage at