Buildings scheduled for renovation/demolition can contain a variety of hazardous and/or regulated materials which may have to be dealt with as part of a scheduled renovation or demolition project. Asbestos, lead-based paint, PCBs, as well as other materials are typically handled differently than normal construction or demolition debris during the renovation or demolition process. ASTI’s team of certified asbestos, lead and hazardous material special-ists can walk you through the complex arena of regulations associated with these regulated materials and can identify their presence early in a project and explain their potential cost and scheduling implications. A summary of ASTI’s capabilities in these areas is presented below.



  • Pre-renovation/demolition NESHAP Surveys
  • AHERA Survey and Program Management Assistance
  • Quantity Determination and Removal Cost Estimates
  • Removal Specification Development
  • Abatement Management and Oversight
  • Air Monitoring and Clearance Testing
  • Asbestos Operation and Maintenance Programs

Lead-Based Paint (LBP)

  • HUD and EPA Compliant LBP Inspections and Risk Assessments
  • LBP Abatement Management and Oversight
  • Lead Dust Clearance Sampling
  • Development of Random and/or Target Sampling Programs
  • Multi-Family and Single Family Sampling Programs
  • Air Monitoring and Clearance Sampling
  • Lead Operation and Maintenance Programs

Hazardous Material Surveys

  • TSCA regulated waste — Transformers, Ballasts, Electrical Equipment
  • Universal Wastes — Batteries, Pesticides, Mercury - Containing Equipment, Bulbs
  • Radioactive elements—Self Luminescent Signs and Ionization Smoke Detectors
  • Refrigerants in Cooling Systems
  • RCRA Wastes— Hazardous Materials, Petroleum Wastes

Each of the above surveys includes a visual assessment of the building, its contents, the materials and condition of any suspect or regulated materials identified. Upon completion of the survey, a
detailed report summarizing the inventory of suspect materials including locations of the materials, any sampling, testing and/or photographs is prepared.

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For more information about Asbestos, Lead-Based Paint or Hazardous Materials Surveys, contact Mr. Robert C. Anderson at ASTI ENVIRONMENTAL, 800.395.2784, or visit our homepage at